Visit of ISWA President, Mr. David Newman in Novi-Sad, Serbia, 26-27 June 2014

Visit of ISWA President, Mr. David Newman
in Novi-Sad, Serbia

Mr. David Newman, President of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) was a host of SeSWA (Serbian Solid Waste Association) on 26th and 27th June, he visited two waste management Public Utility companies in Novi Sad and Stara Pazova and Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

Mr. David Newman gave interviews on the global status of waste management to a Serbian National television and talked about the progress which the organization has made over the past years and provided interesting insights about ISWA World Congress which will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2016.
He conferred with SeSWA representatives about the organization of ISWA 2016 World Congress, the formation of the Scientific and Organizing Committee, structuring theme of the Congress and selection of sites for technical visits.

Participants at inAKTION network meeting in Novi Sad, 12/14 of May, 2014

Meeting of inAKTION Network
in Serbia

inAKTION - International network for waste management, climate protection, technologies, innovation, optimization & sustainability



Promoting a sustainable management of waste resources is one of the key challenges in our society nowadays. Valuable compounds like precious and rare earth metals can be recycled, other materials can be re-used or utilized for the recovery of thermal energy. In addition, already deposited materials like municipal solid waste (MSW) or combustion residues are considered as secondary resources in the framework of urban and landfill mining approaches.
Moreover, the common practice of MSW landfilling is associated with negative long term impacts on the environment since emissions are formed over many decades. In consequence, sustainable waste management strategies have to include both new treatment approaches and solutions for the existing contaminated sites.
Since current waste management practices in the Danube countries show severe regional differences, the inAKTION project aims at a pooling of expertise among partners from science, economy as well as politics and administration from the field of water and solid waste resources management.


Shape the Future

The Danube region perfectly represents Europe what regards its severe differences related to sustainable waste resources management. The challenges of a reduced availability of raw materials, increasing energy demand and waste production in a changing environment are substantial and can only be mitigated through joint approaches. The Danube countries may serve as a model region where new and innovative waste management approaches will be developed and implemented, taken local needs and limited economic resources into consideration. The inAKTION network will identify the major research and development needs and come up with a project proposal in the European context.

Shape the Future

  • Summary of the waste management framework in the Danube countries;
  • Identification of both project partners' expertise and innovation potential;
  • Identification of both project partners' expertise and innovation potential;
  • Extension of the network towards other Danube countries;
  • Publicity and web presence;
  • Identification of topics for a common project proposal;
  • Joint signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU);
  • Milestones;
  • Web presence and leaflet production;
  • International workshops (5);
  • Expanded network;
  • Suitable funding schemes identified;
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding.

The inAKTION consortium is conceived as an open network which will be expanded during the initial project period and beyond. The core partners from Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and the Ukraine do represent engineering science in research and innovation. Beyond that, a sustainable management of waste resources has to include partners from the industry, SMEs, authorities, environmental and urban planners as well as NGOs.

One of the workshops was organized in 12/14 May in Serbia and was hosted by Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
The workshop was attended by experts from Germany (Hamburg University of Technology, project coordination), Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Romanian Representative was Mr. Alin Schiopu from KLARWIN which gives a presentation on leachate treatment and landfill gas recovery facilities operated in Romania.
inAKTION welcomes accordant partners, institutions and initiatives and invites them to join in the network, share their expertise and ideas and become part of a dynamic consortium!

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