IFAT presents the world's most extensive display of innovations and solutions in the field of environmental technology

IFAT 2014
Superlative Show in Munich

  • Over 135,000 visitors from approx. 170 countries
  • 3,081 exhibitors from 59 nations
  • More international than ever


This five-day showcase of environmental technology in Munich is coming to an end …

… and Eugen Egetenmeir, Managing Director of Messe München, was overwhelmed with the response: "IFAT has broken all previous records. We were able to welcome more than 135,000 visitors from all over the world to this event. That is impressive." Dr. Johannes F. Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board of IFAT and Managing Partner of FAUN Umwelttechnik, agreed "that this IFAT has been one of the most interesting and successful trade shows yet. The expansion to the exhibition space and the very good figures for visitors show that we are on the right track."


Future market: environmental technologies

IFAT presents the world's most extensive display of innovations and solutions in the field of environmental technology. Climate change, rising raw material prices, an increasing number of mega-cities and advancing industrialization in emerging countries - all this is boosting demand for products and services that address environmental and climate challenges. This trade show, with its coverage of water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, identifies strategies and applications for using resources in intelligent cycles in order to preserve those resources for the long term.


Impressive international scope

With around 60,000 visitors from outside Germany (2012: 49,840) - that's almost 45 percent of the total - this year's IFAT had the highest proportion of visitors from abroad in the history of the event. The top ten countries of origin for visitors, after Germany, were (in this order): Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Spain and Great Britain. Rainer Köhler, Board Member of Huber SE, with responsibility for sales, summed up his thoughts on the show: "Again this year IFAT has proved itself to be THE trade show for us. What was particularly important for us was the large number of visitors from Germany, but also the rise in the number of visitors from abroad." Peter Funke, Managing Director at Werner Doppstadt, underlined this: "The international spread among the visitors was excellent. We had visitors at our booth from all the 45 countries that we cover with our representatives." And Sergej Pesin, Managing Director of Ekoton Industrial Group, added: "IFAT 2014 has become a key stage in the implementation of our company's international strategy. At our booth we had in-depth talks with many international visitors."


Top marks for visitor quality

The exhibitors were also pleased with the high quality of the visitors, as confirmed in the survey conducted by TNS Infratest: 94 percent of the exhibiting companies found the quality of the visitors to be "good" or "excellent".
Herwart Wilms, Managing Director of Remondis, commented: "This year again the audience was very international and had a high level of decision-making competence. As a result we were able to engage in lots of interesting and business-orientated talks."
Varinder Dhoot, Managing Director of Kirloskar Brothers, confirmed: "The quality of the visitors at this year's IFAT was very good and very business-orientated. We made serious new contacts."


New records for exhibitor numbers and exhibition space

Presenting innovations and trends in the environmental technology sector at IFAT 2014 between May 5 and 9, was a total of 3,081 exhibitors from 59 countries (2012: 2,939 exhibitors from 54 countries).
The event covered 230,000 square meters of exhibition space (2012: 215,000 square meters). On the exhibitor side, too, a new record was also reached for international participation, at 44 percent - which is a rise of five percentage points above 2012.


IFAT - the No. 1 for the sector

These impressive figures underline once more IFAT's position as the No. 1 trade show for the sector. In total 92 percent of the exhibiting companies rated the flagship character of IFAT, the world's most important environmental technology show, as "good" or "excellent".
So, too, did Dr. Markus Beukenberg, Chief Technical Officer at WILO SE: "For us IFAT is without reservation the world's leading trade show for water management and environmental technology."
Neil McCartney, Managing Director of Macpactor, went one step further: "I have been exhibiting at trade shows around the world for the last 35 years and I can honestly say that IFAT is the best I have ever done."


The next IFAT takes place from May 30 to June 3, 2016 in Munich.

Numerous people responded to the call for this intensive course

(by Antonis Mavropoulos)

The 1st Master Class on Waste Management Planning took place in the city of Vitória, capital of the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil on November 24 and 25. Aim of the course was to prepare the professionals to handle the challenges of solid waste management planning.

Numerous people responded to the call for this intensive course, including representatives from public and private institutions, entrepreneurs, investors and representatives of civil society. To meet its training objectives, the attendees were carefully selected based on their experience and background.
IDEIAS Group, which was the body responsible for the realization of the Masterclass, selected two globally leading experts on waste management, Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos, founder of D-Waste and Mr. Carlos Silva, Executive Director of the Association of Public Cleaning Companies and Special Waste (ABRELPE).

Both the experts covered all the aspects of waste management planning and presented successful case studies, paying special attention to coach participants on how to elaborate waste management and to conclude to sustainable and affordable waste management solutions.
Among others, the themes covered in the Master Class included the history of waste management, planning of integrated systems, regional and municipal systems, waste hierarchy, technologies and tools in planning procedures.

According to the sayings of Ms. Teresa Romero, Public Relations IDEIAS Group, "This Master Class was a great opportunity for professionals to learn from international experiences and to familiarize themselves with modern tools waste management".

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Dr. Costas Velis has been awarded a Terford Premium Award

for his scientific work

Dr Costas Velis (School of Civil Engineering) has been awarded a Terford Premium Award, part of the 2014 Publishing Awards, for producing one of the best papers in the 27 peer-reviewed journals of ICE in 2013.

Dr Velis was nominated by his peers who found his work to be of exceptional quality and benefit to the civil engineering and science community.
The award-winning paper examines the latest concepts for waste and resources management in developing countries, providing an up-to-date global overview indicating progress with waste collection and also big outstanding challenges.
Dr Velis, Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems, is involved in many prestigious initiatives, such as the first Global Waste Management Outlook commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme, the Globalization and Waste Management Task Force of the International Solid Waste Association, and the Waste Altas Partnership, coordinated by D-Waste. The latest Waste Atlas report on the 50 biggest dumpsites of our planet featured recently in the Guardian.

Dr Velis, along with his co-authors, was presented with the award during the annual ceremony, held at ICE's London headquarters.
The paper "Integrated sustainable waste management in developing countries" is free to view on ICE's Virtual Library.

More information are available on: .

Disposal of treated municipal waste will continue to represent a technical solution

Technical solutions
for sustainable landfills

Disposal of treated municipal waste will continue to represent a technical solution on waste management worldwide even if such systems are "integrated waste management", "resource recovery", aso.
Horizontally extension of a municipal landfill might be a problem due to the lack of necessary land or the resistance of population against the construction of a new landfill in the region.
Geom. Ciro Frisoli&C. S.a.s., an Italian company, patented new technologies that might be a solution for such situations.

The first, denominated Structure of dumps containment (SCD) - profiling inclined at 70°, with an external package of ending able to perform the function of equivalent "definitive capping" - consents to realize stable diaphragms of containment and/or separation in plots at the internal of the dumps in which there is the need of necessity for the carrying out of altimetics enlargements or plano-altimetics of used up basins, or next to depletion, determining a notable increasing of the volumetric of extension in project, with respect to what could be obtained, carrying out analogous works through the usual "ground embankment".

Instead the second consists in a Process of waste processes destined to the SCD, which well conjugates with the previous, and able to help the optimization of the recovered volumes with the realization of the SCD through a cycle of treatment-reduction of the refuse.


A. Extensions of altimetric recover.

It’s a question of interventions carried out in landfills that do not offer any possibility of plan metric extension of the original basin receptive, therefore the only possibility of volumetric increasing is represented by the realization of the Structure of landfill containment (SCD) along the perimeter of the used up basin, with support basis completely at the internal of itself. In these cases, at first is to provide a consolidation of a basin perimeter stripe (of wideness proportional to the highness of the over elevation of the project), and then along itself of the realization of a coat of draining foundation, set up by inert of variable sizes, that constitute the support basis of the future Structure of Containment.

Successively passing to the realization of the structure coats in elevation, that will nearly be completely (ca. 90%) set up by the refuse already fit with thwarts on the place (under basin or in elevation, as how the situation it presents). It therefore will be indispensable a movement of the mass of refuse necessary for the Structure for the filling up; the movement and the successive ventilating in site of the refuse will contribute to accelerate the mineralizing processes of the organic fractions causing further volumes of recovering.

B. Extension of plano-altrimetric recovering.

However the pre-existence situation in the landfill is such to permit the plan metric extension of the original basin of long gathering one or more fronts.
(It's also sufficient the wideness in extension of the order of 5+10 m), the realization of the SCD can be foreseen directly on the extension zones, upon adjustment at norm of the foundation (coat of 1 m of clay).

C. Extension through profiling of the slopes.

However, at the end, the landfill constitutes a potting of gathering set out on the embankment with notable development in relief, a solution is represented by the realization of true and proper works "at big steps" through profiling of the slopes and relative stabilizations of the fronts.
Between 15/16 of December 2014, Mr. David Newman (ISWA President) and Mr. Alexei Atudorei (ISWA Board member) visited a landfill located near Foggia, Italy, and together with Mr. Ciro Frisoli discussed the possibilities and the methods to implement the above presented technologies in Eastern European countries.

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