Members of ISWA, ISWA Romania and ISWA Moldova had a meeting at Ministry of Environment from Republic of Moldova

June 5th 2015



On the 5th June 2015, The Ministry of Environment and the French Embassy in the Republic of Moldova, together with their development partners, International Cooperation Agency from Germany, the Austrian Agency for Development, the Swedish Government, the United Nations Development Program, the Global Environmental Facility, the National Association of solid waste from the Republic of Moldova - MOLDSWA and ISWA, have organized the International Conference having the subject "The environment and climate change - vision to action".

The topic of the Conference, dedicated to the International Day of the Environment, is highlighted by the practices promoted lately by the Ministry of Environment and also in the context of recent preparation for the new International Accord regarding the climate change, which is going to be signed at the end of the current year, in Paris.

The Minister of Environment Ministry, Mr. Sergiu Palihovici has mentioned that :

"the Conference will allow us to create a discussion base, experience and information exchange regarding aspects of environmental quality improvement, especially those targeting integrated waste management, packaging collection, biodiversity protection and conservation, ecological education, promoting of energy efficiency and non-polluting technologies and also concrete steps to be taken in order to alleviate the phenomenon of climate change and adapting to its effects".

There have been 400 participants representing governmental bodies from the Republic of Moldova, academic circles, various Institutions of Education, business sector, local public authorities, non-profit environmental organizations and various foreign embassies in the Republic of Moldova.
There has been a plenary session and the specific subjects regarding climate change, energy efficiency, waste management, the natural resources protection and conservation and ecological education have been individually discussed within 5 separate workshops.

The third workshop has been moderated by the Republic of Moldova Environment Vice Minister, Mr. Dragos Cimpoies and by ISWA representative, Mr. Alexei Atudorei.

The topic has covered all activities regarding waste management: policy and legislation (Svetlana Bolocan - Republic of Moldova Ministry of Environment), selective waste collection (Ecologic 3 R, EBA/ Hellenic Coca Cola, ORDIF), treatment/ recycling/ recovery (Klarwin, CTE Solutions, Lafarge Moldova, Teamnet), waste disposal (Iridex Group), landfill gas (Conveco), aso.

At the end, following concluding, the Conference resolution has been approved. It includes both recommendations and concrete actions to be taken for the immediate period of time.

Members of ISWA, ISWA Romania and ISWA Moldova had a meeting at Ministry of Environment from Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova, 4 of June, 2015

Members of ISWA, ISWA Romania (ARS) and ISWA Moldova (MOLDSWA) had a meeting at Ministry of Environment from Republic of Moldova, on 4 of June, with Mr. Lazar Chirica, Vice Minister and Mrs. Svetlana Bolocan, Head of Pollution Prevention and Waste Management Directorate.
The delegation was led by Dr. Alexei Atudorei (ISWA) and Mr. Tudor Lefter (MOLDSWA).
Dr. Alexei Atudorei presented the missions and objectives of ISWA and the activities performed in the last two years in the RDN Region.

An important result is the setting of MOLDSWA as the national professional association for solid waste management in 2014 and confirmation of MOLDSWA as ISWA National Member at ISWA Congress 2014, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mr. Tudor Lefter emphasized the very good relations of MOLSWA with the Ministry and mentioned that in the Agreement signed in March 2015, between MOLDSWA and Ministry of Environment, are included some of ISWA missions: promoting resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption, advancement of waste management through education and training and promoting appropriate and best available technologies and practices.

Mr. Lazar Chirica presented the implementation status of EU legislation and specific objectives of Republic of Moldova for the period 2015 - 2018 and mentioned that the present issues (institutional arrangements suffer gaps and inconsistencies, weak enforcement capacities, limited monitoring and data collection and consultation procedures) can be solved through a strong and continuous collaboration with all the ISWA members and especially with ISWA-RDN members.

The delegation was made up from representatives of important Romanian companies involved in waste management as are Klarwin, Iridex Group, Teamnet, CTE Solutions and Ecologic 3 R.

All members of the delegation expressed their interest for future cooperation with central and local administration and to share knowledge and experience in sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation in order to develop waste management sector in compliance with EU Directives, but considering all the local specific conditions from Republic of Moldova.

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