The General Assembly of ISWA, approved the application of the MaSWA as an offical National Member for Macedonia

Inaugural conference of the Macedonian Solid Waste Association
by Daniela Nelepa, MASWA President

The General Assembly of ISWA, on 7 September 2014 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, approved the application of the Macedonian Solid Waste Association MaSWA as an offical National Member for Macedonia.

In accordance with this mandate, starting from 1 January 2015, MaSWA will become an active National member of ISWA, and the Regional Development Network - RDN ISWA which focus on South East Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean countries. For this reason, the first Inaugural Conference of the Macedonian Solid Waste Association in the topic of "Macedonia networking in the world's solid waste flows" took place on 28 - 30 October 2014, in Skopje.

Our efforts to present MaSWA to the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Prof. Gjorje Ivanov were met with enthusiasm and interest for MasWA's activities. The President welcomed MaSWA's delegation composed of representatives from MaSWA, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and ISWA representatives from three countries. The meeting took place on 28 October 2014, during which the President was introduced to MaSWA's mission. The initiative was welcomed from his behalf, underlining the importance solid waste management as integral part of the environment protection systems and sustainable development practices. The President's Cabinet expressed interest to follow MaSWA's future activities.

MaSWA received the support of the only Green Party in Macedonia - DOM which was materialized through the active participation of the party's president Ms. Liljana Popovska on our events.

THE MaSWA CEREMONY, 28 October 2014

MaSWA's inauguration ceremony followed a predetermined scenario in this order: reception, museum tour for foreign guests, official event, and cultural part.
The deputy-Minister for Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Stevo Temelokovski opened the official event. In addition, the president of DOM and MP, Ms. Liljana Popovska expressed her support. The President of the Regional Development Network (ISWA-RDN), and a Member of the Board, Alexei Atudorei PhD., handed the acceptance letter to MaSWA’s President, after which, they both addressed the audience.

A video of the ceremony and statements from participants were broadcasted by the national TV Sitel, on the 20:00 news.

THE MaSWA's CONFERENCE, 29 October 2014

The conference began with a PR activity and live broadcast in the national TV station Sitel in the morning program. During the day, interviews were given to the weekly newspaper Kapital, website Biznis MK, MIA, and other media.

In her opening address, The President of MaSWA, Ms. Daniela Nelepa, welcomed the participants and conducted a symbolic interactive exercise with the audience.
The next to address the audience was Ms. Liljana Popovska, a president of DOM and MP. She congratulated the inauguration and encouraged the initiative.

Ms. Ana Karanfilova-Mazneva addressed the audience in the name of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.
The Conference was divided in two sessions.
Each presenter had 15 minutes to present, a time-frame which was exceeded in the first session, which resulted in an hour delay.




  •   To Promote and Develop Sustainable and Professional Waste Management Worldwide - D. Alexei Atudorei / ISWA-RDN-Romania
  •   Survey of the situation and experience with waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovin - Dragan Lazic / BASWA / Bosnia and Herzegovina
  •   Waste prevention and management in Greece - current status and policy developments - Christos Tsompanidis / HSWMA / Greece
  •   Experience of LIPOR over 30 years - Suzana Abreu / LIPOR / Portugal
  •   Hazardous Waste - Jean Paul Leglise / ISWA / France
  •   New approach: Reform of Hungarian legislative&sustems for waste management - Ester Tanka / NWMA / Hungary
  •   Solid waste Management in Belgium - Christof Delatter / VVSG / Belgium
  •   The Limitations which Cause Slow Development in Waste Management in several South East European Countries - Goran Vujic / SeSWA / Serbia

Representative of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Flora, attended the first session and publicly expressed her positive impressions about the event.



  •   Waste management planning according to ЕU standards: the case study of east and northeast region in Macedonia - Theofanis Lolos / Enviroplan / Greecestyle
  •   Solutions to problems related to the emission of landfill biogas / Anca Udrea / Conveco SRL / Italy
  •   Access to regional experience and expertise in landfill leachate treatment and landfill gas management - Alin Schiopu / Klarwin / Romania
  •   Compoman experience - Kreet Anu / Compoman / Estonia
  •   Best practices in managing hazardous waste by Polyeco - Karakolis Giannis / Polyeco / Greece
  •   Experience of RADKOM - Diana Katushevska / Radkom / Macedonia
  •   Experiences with solid waste - Dane Dimitrovski / Faculty of Mechanical engineering / Macedonia
  •   Experiences with solid waste - Katarina Donevska / Faculty of Civil Engineering / Macedonia

The presentations were highly rated by participants, and the quality of responses that followed questions. Additional positive momentum of the event gave opportunities for informal contacts between participants, which were used for the exchange of contacts and experience, coupled with promotional materials provided by companies participating.


The third day was envisioned as an informal networking event for the foreign experts and interested Macedonian stokeholds. In addition of the informal meeting, a visit to the company RADKOM in Skopje was organized. On this occasion, the guests had an opportunity to see the first copper installation in Macedonia and the region.

The Inauguration celebration lasted for three days, and it enabled direct link with the world's best solid waste practices.

MaSWA, as the event's organizer, has the pleasure to share the positive impressions of the participants (both local and international), representatives of Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, along with the academics, sponsors and media.

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