Within the event calendar of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE MACEDONIAN SOLID WASTE ASSOCIATON – MaSWA was held on 21st October 2015 in Skopje.

Having the mandate of NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP in the International Organization ISWA, and member of the regional development network - RDN ISWA covering Southeast Europe, Near East and Mediterranean - MaSWA has organized The Annual Conference entitled USE OF ASTE AS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN MACEDONIA.

The activities of MaSWA were directly followed and supported by the Cabinet of the President of Republic of Macedonia PhD Gj. Ivanov and presence of the representative of the Cabinet at the conference.
The Minister for Environment and Physical Planning and His Excellence, the Ambassador of Hungary in Republic of Macedonia took part of the conference and they addressed the present. The conference as well showed great interest to the representatives of business community, public communal companies, municipalities and other participating as active participants.

As well as the previous year, this year conference provided balanced combination of international reputed speakers and interesting insight in the latest scientific and technological achievements. After the official address by the President of MaSWA MA of Engineering Daniela Nelepa and the official opening by eminent guests, the agenda of the conference covered three sessions of presentations representing 14 international and 4 national experts and companies in the field of Solid waste management.


Pakomak is collective scheme for packaging waste, based on EPR concept. In the past 3 years the company is focused on established infrastructure for separate collection of packaging waste from households, as well as from the industry. With more than 600 member-companies, Pakomak is the biggest collective scheme in the country with above 40% market share. More than 9.200 tons packaging waste were collected in 2013 and intention is to grow for 20% each year, reaching collection and recycling of minimum 25.000 tons packaging waste by 2020. The company has partnership network of 30 private and public waste operators all around the country, mainly focused on paper, cardboard and plastic packaging waste collection. Starting in September 2013, Pakomak tend to establish packaging glass collection, first in HORECA consumption channel and later on in the households.

The company cooperates with 20 municipalities in which more than 55% of total population of Macedonia is living, including the capital city of Skopje. Together with the local authorities, Pakomak develops education programs for pupils in the elementary schools, a s well as campaigns among the citizens that has to increase separate collection rate. In more than 60 schools in Skopje, the company provides dispensers for every tap in the schools, continuously supply them with liquid soap and other hygiene chemicals. In return, every child is asked to bring and special place in the school at least 5 empty bottles per week from the family weekly consumed products. These projects started in 2012 with only 9 schools initially, now covering more than 30.000 pupils and with intention to involve additional 20.000 in 2014.

In this way, the youngest are in role of "agents of change" of the separate collection behavior of their parents, making them aware of the need and benefit of separate collection at their homes, as a key element for successful EPR scheme. Since January 2014, Pakomak is member of MASWA and enhance promoting of the ISWA and EPR values among the stakeholders in solid waste operations. As the first collective scheme established in Macedonia, Pakomak share the experience and knowledge with the new collective schemes for batteries and WEE, since the same companies-producers are generating packaging waste, WEE and batteries. The main shopping malls and biggest supermarket chains are equipped with special modern bins for packaging waste and batteries. Beside their basic function, the bins are used as information vehicle to spread the concept of separate collection.

As a MASWA member, Pakomak will actively participate in all event and activities conducted and coordinated by MASWA.

MASWA has started the preparations of the required documents in order to became ISWA National Member

Macedonian Association for Solid Waste Management (MaSWA) was established in December 2013 and will apply to become a ISWA National Member of the International Solid Waste Association, ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) in January 2014 and to become officially a representative of Macedonia.

Macedonian Association for Solid Waste Management (MaSWA) is a consortium of legal entities and individuals that promote sustainable development and realization of sustainable waste management.

The main goal of MaSWA is promotion of modern principles of waste management that are economically sustainable for Republic of Macedonia, as well as development of legal and institutional framework which will support the development of the sector for waste management in the country.
The main goal will be achieved through the establishment of a strong, professional structure which will develop cooperation with the national and local institutions, will participate in the preparation of new laws in the field of waste management, will participate in the concession process with local governments and will prepare and conduct targeted training and seminars in the field of sustainable waste management through the best available European and world techniques to all the interested factors.

1 December 2013 - visit in Macedonia, Skopje

1 December 2013 Skopje, Macedonia

1 December 2013 - visit in Macedonia la Skopje (visit was not forsen in the initial program, it was arranged during the conference in Novi Sad)

  •   Meeting with Ms. Ana Karanfilova Maznevska (representative of Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Head of Waste Department) and representatives of companies involved in waste management (EHMI, PakoMak, F-Group, Tnad, Planktonium) in order to evaluate the possibilities to set-up a national association.
  •   Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning need a partner for the implementation of future programs on waste management and it can be the future national professional association (Macedonian Solid Waste Association - MaSWA).
  •   A number of 5 companies have started the preparation of the documents, as the founding members, with the support of RASWM and ISWA-RDN. Status of the association, logo and other legal documents were elaborated and will be submitted to court.
  •   RASWM invited the participants at the meeting for a technical visit in Romania (March, 2014).

Macedonian Solid Waste Association (MaSWA) was officially set up through the Skopje Court Decision from 26, December, 2013. MaSWA intend to became ISWA National Member at ISWA Congress in Sao Paulo, 6/11, September, 2014 and will submit to ISWA Secretariat an application form for National Membership in February 2014.



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