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The interview has been realized during BASWA international seminar in Banja Luka

Interview with Mr. Drazenko Bjelic, Development Manager
Regional Landfill, BANJA LUKA, BIH

Activities for the implementation of integrated waste management in BiH include the construction and operation of a regional landfill in Banja Luka.
The regional landfill is operated and developed by the company PU”DEP-OT”.
Mr. Draženko Bjelić is working at the company PU”DEP-OT” which operate and develop the regional landfill. The interview has been realized during BASWA international seminar in Banja Luka (20/21 of September, 2015).

Dear Mr. Bjelic, please present youself
I am Draženko Bjelić MSc. Ehem.Eng. and I work as development manager at PU"DEP-OT" Regional Landfill, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been working for PU"DEP-OT"; since 2004.

Please give us some information about the PU"DEP-OT" company.
The PU"DEP-OT" is a public company and has been established in 2003 as regional landfill for City of Banja Luka and another 7 municipalities from Banja Luka region.
Company covers an area with cca. 400 000 inhabitants and the quantity of waste disposed is 100,000 t of waste per year.
Landfill is located in Ramići and is operated since 1976. Two years ago has been constructed a new part of sanitary landfill with sealing system.
Landfill has a leachate treatment plant based on reverse osmosis technology, using Disc Tube Module System, technology which offers many advantages as are: open channel configuration, high turbulences of the feed stream, reduced risks of clogging or crystallization, more effective cleanings, minimization of cross-flow rate, aso.
Treatment plant has been provided, installed and put into operation by KLARWIN Romania.
Investments for rehabilitation and construction of the landfill in Ramići are covered through World Bank Credit and IPA Program 2010.
European Commission approved a grant from the IPA Fund for 2010, 2,854,000 Euro, which has been agreed through the Agreement signed on 24th July 2012 between the European Commission, BiH and the World Bank.
In this sense, the Ministry performs monitoring and control of all activities, that is, construction work on rehabilitation of the Regional landfill Ramići, construction of waste disposal sanitary cell and construction of gas collection system as well as supervising over the aforesaid works. The amount of 669,000 Euro was invested in this project in 2014.

What are the future projects for the Regional landfill Ramići?
We have plans to start the construction of one system for collection, treatment and energy recovery of landfill gas at the Ramići landfill.
In order to reduce the quantities of waste disposed and to increase the quantities of packaging waste that can be recycled we have plans to start the separation of packaging waste at the source at all the population from the City of Banja Luka and another 7 municipalities from Banja Luka region.

UE Directives on waste management should be correlated with others EU Directives as are EU Directives on environmental protection. Do the activities at Ramići landfill take this into consideration?
Implementation of integrated waste management projects have to take into consideration all the EU Directives regarding waste management, environmental protection and protection of population health. We take care about environment and population health and that is why the new landfill is developed with previously conducted Environmental Impact Assessment. At Ramići landfill we perform a continuously activity for monitoring the emissions in the air, noise level, quality of ground water, soil quality, etc. The results are presented periodically to Republic Environmental Inspectorate and Ministry for physical planning, civil engineering and environment. Together with them we take measures for implementing new investments which take into consideration Best Available Technologies and for improving the operational activities based on our experience. My PhD thesis "Environmental assessment of the solid waste management system in Banja Luka" will be finished soon and the results obtained in this thesis should be useful for further development of solid waste management system in Banja Luka region and not only.

Are you involved in other activities regarding waste management?
I am working as a Consultant for the Company ‘’IPZ Uniproject TERRA’’ from Zagreb for the elaboration of Solid Waste Management Strategy in Republic Srpska. My experience in PU"DEP-OT" company activities helps me to offer very good solutions for implementation of an integrated waste management system, a system in full compliance with EU requirement in Republic Srpska.
Do you have a message for the readers of our ISWA-RDN newsletter? Planning and implementation of integrated waste management systems should take into consideration all the provisions from EU Directives but also all the local conditions (geomorphology, climate, present and future infrastructure, waste data, culture, religion, education, population affordability to pay for the services, aso).
Experience in implementation of integrated waste management in counties as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, aso, as achievements and failures should be taken into consideration for implementation of similar projects in Balkans.

Thank you very much Drajenko


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