• 1. Croatia, Zadar, March, 19/21, International Symposium "The Role of Communication in Waste Management"
    Organizers: ISWA Croatia (CROWMA), ISWA-RDN
    Participants: approx. 80 from Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Austria, Slovenia

  • 2. BiH, Study Tour to Waste Management Center in Szeged, Hungary, May, 12/15
    Organizers: ISWA BiH (BASWA), ISWA-RDN
    The aim of the visit was a tour around the Waste Management Center in Szeged.
    Participants had a chance to be introduced with communal waste and non-hazardous waste management in the Region of Szeged, which has approximately 300.000 users of communal services.
    Participants: 14 members of BASWA from local administration and companies involved in operation of waste management facilities in BiH.

  • 3. Hungary, Budapest, May, 27, International Conference "Moving Away from Landfill and Incineration; Circular Economy in Practice
    Organizers: Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Agricultural Development and Hungaricums"
    Participants: 300; event was organized together with ACR+

  • 4. Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, June, 5/6, International Conference "The Environment and Climate Change - Vision to Action"
    Organizers: Ministry of Environment, French Embassy in the Republic of Moldova, International Cooperation Agency from Germany, Austrian Agency for Development, Swedish Government, United Nations Development Program, Global Environmental Facility, the National Association of Solid Waste from the Republic of Moldova - MOLDSWA, ISWA-RDN.
    Special Session on Waste Management (5th of June).
    Participants: approx. 100 from Republic of Moldova, France, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Sweden

  • 5. Greece, Athens, June, 12, International Conference, "Waste and Resources Synergies towards a Circular Economy in Greece and Mediterranean Countries"
    Organizers: ISWA Greece (HSWMA), ISWA-RDN
    Participants: approx. 100 from Greece, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Portugal

  • 6. Romania, Mamaia, June, 30 - July, 3, International Conference "The sustainability and the performance of the waste management systems implemented in Romania, in the period 2007-2015, as foundation for the next investments programs; development prospects to 2020"
    Organizers: ISWA Romania (ARMD), ISWA-RDN
    Technical Support: participation of ISWA Board (Alexei Atudorei), experts from ISWA-RDN (Romania, Serbia, Greece, Republic of Moldova), experts from JASPERS, Germany, Italy, Austria and experts from Romanian central administration (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of European Funds, Romanian Agency for Public Services)
    Participants: approx. 110 from Romania, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece

  • 7. ISWA Congress 2015, Antwerp, Belgium
    Organizers: ISWA
    Special Session: Regional Development Network South East Europe, 8th of September 2015 (speakers from ISWA-RDN, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia).
    Technical Support: collaboration with the organizers and ISWA-RDN members for preparation of the session (general and specific topics, choosing of speakers, communication, aso).
    During the RDN meeting has been established that the RDN events in 2016 which will be co-financed are:
    i) ISWA Congress in Novi Sad;
    ii) ISWA Israel conference in Tel Aviv.

  • 8. BiH, Banja Luka, September, 21/22, International Workshop "Sustainable Development in the Field of Waste Management"
    Organizers: ISWA BiH (BASWA), ISWA-RDN
    Technical Support: participation of ISWA Board representative (Alexei Atudorei), experts from ISWA-RDN (Romania, Serbia, Croatia), companies from Austria, Italy and Slovenia.
    Participants: approx. 80 from BiH, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.

  • 9. Romania, Bucharest, October, 4/11 Study Tour and Training Program for a Delegation from Azerbaijan in Romania
    Organizers: ISWA Romania (ARMD), ISWA-RDN
    In Azerbaijan the elaboration and approval of National Strategy and National Plan for Waste Management is in responsibility of Ministry of Industry and Economy (MIE).
    Representatives of MIE asked ISWA-RDN representative and ISWA Romania to support the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to visit Romania in order to see the achievements and failures of EU Program for Romania in implementing integrated waste management systems at national and regional level.

  • 10. Macedonia, Skopje, October, 21, International Conference “Use of Waste as an Opportunity for Investments in Macedonia”
    Organizers: ISWA Macedonia (MaSWA), ISWA-RDN
    Technical Support: participation of ISWA Board representative (Alexei Atudorei), experts from ISWA (Belgium, Portugal, Germany) and ISWA-RDN (Romania, Serbia, Israel, Greece), companies from Austria, Italy and Slovenia.
    Participants: approx. 100 from Macedonia, Serbia, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Israel, Greece.

  • 11. Romania, Deva, November, 17/20, National workshop "Implementation of Integrated Waste Management Systems with EU Grants at Regional Level in the period 2007 - 2015"
    Organizers: County Council Hunedoara, IDA Hunedoara
    Technical Support: participation of ISWA Board representative (Alexei Atudorei) and experts from ISWA Romania
    Participants: approx. 85 from Romania (central and local administration, companies involved in waste management, aso).