About Regional Development Networks

ISWA has established different Regional Development Networks (RDN) to more effectively reach regions outside of its traditionally strong areas (i.e. Western Europe and North America). The RDNs aim is to promote sustainable waste management by carrying out activities and developing programs that focus on their regions special needs and challenges.


2.1 General


A Regional Development Network (RDN) is a network of at least 3 ISWA National Members who work together on the promotion of sustainable waste management in regions outside ISWA's traditionally strong areas. A RDN can only be established outside of Western Europe and North America.


A group of at least 3 National Members within a region may apply for the establishment of an RDN. To apply for the establishment of an RDN a written application must be submitted to the General Secretariat. The establishment of a RDN shall be subject to approval by the Board.


Within an established RDN, only ISWA National Members can become members of that RDN. To apply for membership in an RDN, a written application must be submitted to the General Secretariat. The RDN membership shall be subject to approval by the Board. All ISWA members that have their statutory seat or their main residence in the region can participate in the RDN.

2.2 Aims

» Promoting sustainable waste management in the Region,
» Networking for solving local problems,
» Promoting ISWA and linkage to ISWA programs,
» Recruiting members (National Members, Company/Organisation Members, Individual/Student Members and Online Members) and
» Representing the RDN on the ISWA Board,

2.3 Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Regional Development are:
» To send an annual report on the activities for the previous year to the General Secretariat by the end of February at the latest,
» To establish and present Training Courses,
» To host ISWA events,
» To carry out technology transfer,
» To provide ISWA with information on the development of waste management in the region,
» To identify regional priorities for development assistance agencies,
» To create and distribute a regional data base of waste management information,
» To communicate with the General Secretariat on events and in general on waste management issues of the region on a regular basis,
» To create a regional newsletter or to contribute regularly to the ISWA Global Newsletter and
» To alert members of Waste Management issues in the region.

2.4. Organisation

One of the National Members within a RDN shall host the RDN office for the region and shall identify a RDN representative. It is up to each RDN to select the National Member who will do that. The representative will function as a contact point of the activities in the Region and will co- ordinate the ISWA activities of the Region in co-operation with the General Secretariat. The National Member hosting the office will also sponsor it. The location of the office should not be fixed but reviewed regularly to ensure effective operation of the RDN. RDN may apply to the Board for a financial contribution to help fulfil their role and responsibilities. Decisions on financial contributions will be made by the Board.

2.5. Board Representation

All RDNs are represented by 3 elected representatives on the Board. In case there are more than 3 RDNs a rotation system for the selection of the Board representatives will be proposed by the Board and approved by the General Assembly.

To view all internal regulation please click here:   ISWA Internal Regulations   [PDF]